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Union Co. 912 Group suspends meetings

At this time, the Union Co. 912 Group has suspended their twice monthly meetings. Information will continue to be sent to members of our contact group via emails. Please monitor this site also for other information posted by the Ohio Liberty Coalition. If you would like to receive our emails or be taken off of the email list, please send your request to

ORP chairman asked to resign over unauthorized use of funds

OH State Central Committee
PO Box 9413
Toledo, OH 43697
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, March 13th, 2016
CONTACT: John McAvoy 419-787-9585

Complaints filed against Ohio GOP Chairman Borges’s for unauthorized use of Party funds, members demand he resign.

Toledo, OH – Members, Incumbents, and candidates of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee joined together today to demand the immediate resignation of Chairman Borges following the disclosure unauthorized use of party funds and resources.
As per Ohio Republican Party bylaws,  funds or resources cannot be used to “…attack any other Republican.” in a primary election. According to information contained in the letter, 6 instances of “Attack on fellow Republicans” are documented.

The attack ads are clearly marked as “Paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, Chairman Matthew Borges”. Attack post cards, Facebook pages, and web sites started showing up last week against three Republican Candidates, Wendy Sizemore, Candidate, State Central Committee #17, Colleen O’Toole, candidate Supreme Court Judge, and John Adams, candidate Ohio Senate district 12.

The letter demanding Chairman Borges resignation was transmitted to him today via e-mail and by Federal Express carrier. Formal complaints against Chairman Borges and the Ohio Republican Party’s unauthorized use of party funds is being filed with the Secretary of State, the Ohio Ethics Commission, and the Ohio Attorney General.

Bill Delaney, SCC #11 said: “Many of my fellow State Central Committee Representatives refuse to hold Chairman Borges accountable and are willing to turn a blind eye. This is unacceptable. We were elected to represent the people, we must hold ourselves up to a higher standard, we must be accountable for our actions. This is what the people are demanding.”

Gary Burkholder, SCC #31 says: “This is one of the reasons why the Republican voter base is angry. They go about lives, day by day, and follow the rules. In the meantime, party leaders ignore the rules, do whatever they want, and continue to get away with it. Because there is ZERO accountability.”

Below, is the letter sent to Chairman Borges, demanding he tender his registration to take effect immediately;

March 13, 2016
Subject:  Resignation
Chairman Matthew Borges;
The Ohio Republican Party Bylaws registered with the Ohio Secretary of State on September 18, 2015, (see attached) clearly states:
Article VI, Section 2, Paragraph (d)
“No ORP candidate services shall be used to attack any other Republican candidate in a primary election. ORP candidate services will only be used in a primary campaign when the candidate is supported in accordance with the primary policy guidelines.”
The following bylaw violations have been brought to our attention.  In each occurrence, the violations include the following:   “Paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, Matthew Borges, Chairman”
1) Post card mailer attacking Republican Candidate Wendy Sizemore, State Central Committee district 17. (see attachment)
2) Post card mailer attacking Republican Candidate Colleen O’Toole, Supreme Court Judge. (see attachment)
3) Post Card mailer attacking Republican Candidate John Adams, OH Senate District 12. (see attachment)
4) Facebook ad attacking Republican Candidate Colleen O’Toole, Supreme Court Judge.
5) Web Site – attack page attacking  Republican Candidate Colleen O’Toole, Supreme Court Judge. This page hosted by the Ohio GOP on the Ohio GOP site (see attachment)
6) Web Site – thank you for attacking O’Toole page. This page hosted by the Ohio GOP on the Ohio GOP site. (see attachment)
The above actions are in violation of standing rules and bylaws of the Ohio Republican Party.  Furthermore, through these actions, you have unilaterality exposed the Ohio Republican Party to litigation not only from the targeted candidates, but also from members of the Ohio Republican Party.
The Ohio Republican Party is under close scrutiny by its membership as well as those who are not affiliated with the party. Therefore, immediate action must be taken to ensure that we adhere to the bylaws that are registered with the Ohio Secretary of State.
Chairman Borges, as a result of your unauthorized and overreaching actions as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, we the undersigned demand that you tender your resignation effective immediately.
Signed, Incumbents and Candidates for Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee, (Members are still reaching out to sign. This signature block is as of 0800, Mar 14, 2016)
1 Cheryl Blakely   SIGNED
1 Cheryl Buckland   Signature Pending
1 Ryan P. Hite   Signature Pending
1 Jim Horton SIGNED
2 Allison Seney   Signature Pending
2 Dee Talmage   Signature Pending
2 Mark Davis   Signature Pending
2 Mark Wagoner   Signature Pending
2 Renata Walters   SIGNED
3 David Goodman   Signature Pending
3 Jim Burgess   SIGNED
3 JoAnn Davidson   Signature Pending
3 Meta Hahn   SIGNED
4 Ann Becker   SIGNED
4 David Miller   Signature Pending
4 Gary Cates   Signature Pending
4 Patricia Alderson   Signature Pending
4 Walter Simms   SIGNED
5 Doug Cook   SIGNED
5 Ellen Horton   SIGNED
5 Stephanie Garrett   Signature Pending
6 Ben Jones   SIGNED
6 Christy Jones   SIGNED
6 Judy Westbrock   Signature Pending
6 Patrick Flanagan   Signature Pending
7 Bob McEwen   Signature Pending
7 Brian Thomas   Signature Pending
7 Kelly Kohls   SIGNED
7 Michael Eshleman   Signature Pending
7 Michelle Schneider   Signature Pending
8 Alex Triantafilou   Signature Pending
8 Elle Koch McVay   SIGNED
8 Heather Noelle Blessing  Signature Pending
8 Mary Anne Christie   Signature Pending
8 Roman Jerger   SIGNED
9 Alan McIntyre   SIGNED
9 Crystal Faulkner   Signature Pending
9 Stanley Aronoff   Signature Pending
10 Brenda Lewis   Signature Pending
10 Carolyn Uecker   SIGNED
10 David Rich   SIGNED
10 Steve Austria   Signature Pending
11 Bill Delaney   SIGNED
11 Diana Skaff   SIGNED
11 Jon Stainbrook   Signature Pending
11 Meghan Gallagher   Signature Pending
11 Paul Hoag   Signature Pending
12 Becky Engel   SIGNED
12 Frank Reams   Signature Pending
12 Keith Cheney   Signature Pending
12 S. R. Lentz   Signature Pending
13 David Moore   Signature Pending
13 Joyce Houck   Signature Pending
13 Kirsten Hill  SIGNED
13 Matthew Cox   Signature Pending
13 Michael Witte   SIGNED
14 Greg Lang   Signature Pending
14 Greg Simpson   Signature Pending
14 Jackie Block   SIGNED
14 Kay Reynolds   Signature Pending
14 Ted Stevenot   SIGNED
15 Carolyn Petree   Signature Pending
15 Doug Preisse   Signature Pending
15 Jim Burgess   SIGNED
15 Stacey Bayliff   SIGNED
16 Stephen White   Signature Pending
16 Susan Obrien   Signature Pending
17 Bonnie Ward   Signature Pending
17 James Rosendahl   SIGNED
17 Phil Bowman   Signature Pending
17 Wendy Sizemore   Signature Pending
18 Amy Sabath   Signature Pending
18 Andrew Manning   Signature Pending
18 Gregory Sasse   Signature Pending
18 Linda O’Brien   SIGNED
18 Mary O’Toole   Signature Pending
18 Mary Pat Weist-Izar   Signature Pending
18 Scott Kayser   Signature Pending
19 Craig Schweitzer   Signature Pending
19 Fred Dailey   Signature Pending
19 John Nicks   Signature Pending
19 Teri Morgan   Signature Pending
20 Chris Schweitzer   Signature Pending
20 Diana Fleegle   Signature Pending
20 Pat Hennessey   Signature Pending
21 Joe Miller   Signature Pending
21 Roz McAllister   SIGNED
21 Susan Rodman   Signature Pending
22 Cody Ragle   SIGNED
22 Dan Drockton   SIGNED
22 Sharon Ray   Signature Pending
22 William Batchelder   Signature Pending
23 Candice Miller   Signature Pending
23 Doris Durica   SIGNED
23 Richard May   SIGNED
23 Robert Frost   Signature Pending
24 Brad Lamb   Signature Pending
24 Holly Thacker   SIGNED
24 Jack Boyle   SIGNED
24 Nancy Suhadolnik   Signature Pending
24 R. Randal Abraham   Signature Pending
25 Bob Murphy   Signature Pending
25 Daniel Carter   Signature Pending
25 Denise Verdi   SIGNED
25 Lauren Murphy   Signature Pending
26 Charles Knight   Signature Pending
26 John Matthews   Signature Pending
26 Jude Faulk   Signature Pending
26 Lisa Cooper   SIGNED
27 Beth Williams   Signature Pending
27 Bryan Williams   Signature Pending
27 Lauren LaRose   Signature Pending
27 Scott Sigel   Signature Pending
28 Amy Schwan  SIGNED
28 Evelyn Kate DeVitis   Signature Pending
28 James Simon   Signature Pending
28 John Sans   SIGNED
29 Curt Braden   Signature Pending
29 Ralph Spampanato   Signature Pending
29 Sarah Brown   Signature Pending
30 Glenn Newman   SIGNED
30 Jim Carnes   Signature Pending
30 Leanne C. Neuhart             SIGNED
30 Marilyn Ashcraft   Signature Pending
31 Betty Montgomery   Signature Pending
31 Gary Burkholder   SIGNED
31 Jo Ann Wiblin   SIGNED
31 Mike Carey   Signature Pending
31 Ryan Green   Signature Pending
32 Casey O’Brien   Signature Pending
32 Mellissia Pope   Signature Pending
32 Randy Law   Signature Pending
33 David Johnson   Signature Pending
33 Tracey Winbush   Signature Pending


1. ORP Post Card Mailer attacking Wendy Sizemore

2. ORP Post Card Mailer attacking Colleen O’Toole

3. ORP Post Card Mailer attacking John Adams

4. Screen shot of Facebook ad attacking Colleen O’Toole

5. Screen shot of ORP web page attacking Colleen O’Toole

6. Screen Shot of ORP Attack Thank you page

7. Ohio Republican Party Bylaws

Successful event at the Sunbury Flea Market

The Union Co. 912 Group bought space at the Sunbury Flea Market on Memorial Day. A huge thank you goes to the volunteers who worked the booth that day: Lisa Cooper, Matt Phillips, Nancy Davis, Joe Humphrey and Rod and Paula Litton. We were able to add a nice profit to our bank account to help with conservative causes. There is no way we could do these events without our volunteers. If you have never worked the booth, please consider giving it a try. We have a fun time, provide education to visitors of our booth and get contact information to grow our group. This is an especially important time to be involved since a hugely important election is coming up next year. If you are concerned about our country, you need to be involved. We will need many volunteers for the Union Co. Fair in July. We will also plan to have our booth at the Defending the American Dream Summit in August and we will be at Festifair in Marysville in September. Please contact Paula to say you will help with any or all of these events!!!


Local Authority Restoration Act L.A.R.A.
This is the bill we’ve been waiting for!

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Finally, the bill we have been waiting for will be introduced on Monday the 18th of May!

Monday, Rep. Andy Thompson will introduce the Local Authority Restoration Act – LARA Bill – to the House. Click Here for the summary. The final bill text is not yet available, as we won’t have a bill number until it is formally introduced Monday.

We are trying to fill voicemail boxes and need phone calls, by the hundreds, to be made over the weekend.

Call now through Sunday

Call the people listed below and ask them to support the local control bill being introduced Monday by Rep. Thompson.

House Leadership:
Cliff Rosenberger (614) 466-3506
Jim Buchy (614) 466-6344
Dorothy Pelanda (614) 466-8147
Ron Amstutz (614) 466-1474
Barbara Sears (614) 466-1731
Mike Dovilla (614) 466-4895

Below is a list of Representatives who are already showing support by signing on as co-sponsors.

Is your representative on the list?
If so, please call to thank him/her. If not, please call and ask him/her to show their support and sign on as a co-sponsor.

Current Co-Sponsors: Timothy Ginter, Thomas Brinkman, Paul Zeltwanger, Terry Boose, Ron Young, Ron Maag, John Decker, Stephen Hambley, David Hall, Ron Hood, Kyle Koehler, Tony Burkley, Jim Buchy, Nino Vitale, Steve Kraus, John Becker, Wes Retherford, Anne Gonzales

Click Here for Contact Information

Take Action and Make the Calls!
This is the Bill We’ve Been Waiting For!

Yours in Liberty,

Marianne Gasiecki
Founder ~ The Mansfield Tea Party
State Co-coordinator ~ Tea Party Patriots

Who Owns YOUR Children????

Click on this link below for some very interesting information.

Obamacare in Ohio: Outcome of Wednesday’s Supreme Court Argument Will Be Pivotal

March 2, 2015

Maurice A . Thompson
(614) 340-9817

Obamacare in Ohio: Outcome of Wednesday’s Supreme Court Argument Will Be Pivotal

Columbus, OH – On Wednesday March 4, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear its latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act – – this time a challenge to how the President and the IRS are enforcing the law. If that challenge prevails, both the ACA’s employer mandate and tax credits to individuals will be forbidden in Ohio, because Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment prohibits the state from establishing a state exchange.

Should Governor Kasich still move to establish a state based Obamacare exchange, the 1851 Center is prepared to take legal action to stop it.

The Lawsuit: King v. Burwell

The lawsuit, King v. Burwell , addresses one of the ACA’s cornerstones: the insurance exchanges created by Obamacare. More specifically, the questions revolves around the IRS’s interpretation of a provision of the law that authorizes tax credits for health insurance purchased through an exchange “established by the state.”

Section 1401 of the ACA offers health-insurance “tax credits” to certain taxpayers who enroll in a qualified health plan “through an Exchange established by the State.”

Pursuant to this Section, Obamacare creates “premium assistance,” taxes credits and subsidies, to offset the costs of health insurance premiums that all agree Obamacare causes. Essentially, these tax credits and subsidies were designed to mask the full extent of outlandish cost increases imposed on health insurance producers and consumers by the Act. However, they also comprise the bulk of the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending triggered by Obamacare.

When 36 states chose not to establish their own exchanges, the federal government stepped in and created federally run exchanges in those states. The IRS then extended the tax credits for insurance purchased through the federally run exchanges – an interpretation that directly violates the plain language of the law, and subjects employers in these states to the “employer mandate” – – a $3,000 penalty that is assessed each time one of its employees purchases subsidized health insurance through an exchange.

The challengers argue, quite reasonably, that the statute limits the tax credits and subsidies to
state established Exchanges in a manner that is plain and unambiguous, and that the remainder of the ACA and its legislative history are fully consistent with those provisions. The Obama administration responds that the phrase “through an Exchange established by the State” includes federally established exchanges and, alternatively, that the statute is vague enough to allow the executive branch to decide whether (or not) to offer subsidies in federal exchanges.

The challengers have a high likelihood of prevailing, given the Administration’s weak arguments. If they do, insofar as the IRS has sought to provide tax credits for the purchase of health insurance in federally established Exchanges such as Ohio, its actions are contrary to law and must be set aside. This means subsidies for those using the ACA exchange would be unavailable to Ohioans, but also that Ohio employers would not be sanctioned.

A State Based Exchange: Forbidden in Ohio

On February 19, Governor Kasich indicated to Bloomberg that he was “open to” establishing an Ohio-based ACA exchange. Such an exchange would cost Ohioans millions, while spending billions to subsidize purchases of health insurance pursuant to the ACA, and imposing the otherwise-forbidden ACA employer mandate on Ohio employers.

However, with the overwhelming passage of Issue 3 in November of 2011, Ohioans created a likely-insurmountable legal hurdle to state officials implementing Obamacare in Ohio through a state-based ACA exchange.

As the 1851 Center explained in March of 2012, Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment forbids the state from establishing a state-based ACA exchange. Under the Amendment, the state of Ohio may not (1) indirectly compel participation in a health care system; (2) prohibit the purchase or sale of health insurance; or (3) impose a penalty for the sale or purchase of health insurance.

Under implementation of an ACA exchange, the state would be voluntarily using state resources to attempt to do all three. For example:

Though establishing an exchange, Ohio would be voluntarily assuming responsibility for enforcing the individual mandate, volunteering to use state officials and resources to turn in those who may not have “minimum essential coverage” to the federal government as defined by HHS. This indirectly compels Ohioans to participate in ACA, in violation of Section (A) of the Health Care Freedom Amendment.

Though establishing an exchange, Ohio would be imposing the “employer mandate,” a penalty of up to $3,000 per employee that must otherwise be paid to the federal government by Ohio employers who do not provide government-approved health care insurance for their employees.

In November of 2012, Cato Institute health care policy expert Michael Cannon echoed the 1851 Center’s findings:

“operating an Obamacare exchange would violate the state’s constitution . . . In order to operate an exchange, Ohio employees would have to determine eligibility for ObamaCare’s “premium assistance tax credits.” Those tax credits trigger penalties against employers (under the employer mandate) and residents (under the individual mandate). In addition, Ohio employees would have to determine whether employers’ health benefits are “affordable.” A negative determination results in fines against the employer. These are key functions of an exchange. Ergo, if Ohio passes a law establishing an exchange, then that law would violate the state’s constitution by indirectly compelling employers and individual residents to participate in a health care system. That sort of law seems precisely what Section 21 exists to prevent.”

Case Western law professor Jonathan Adler concurred, responding to news that Governor Kasich may attempt a state-based exchange to salvage the ACA in Ohio by explaining “tax credit eligibility triggers employer mandate and slides more people to individual mandate penalty.”

This would also be true in, at minimum, all states with a Health Care Freedom Amendment or Act (including Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia).

Without State-Based Exchanges in Ohio and Other States: Collapse or Reform

Without state-based exchanges, Obamacare will be significantly more difficult to enforce, dramatically enhancing the probability that the Act will be “re-opened” to debate amendment or repeal.

In the interim, Ohioans who sign up through the federal Obamacare exchange would lose “premium assistance,” a taxpayer-funded subsidy/tax credit to individuals that masks the true increased costs of health insurance premiums imposed by Obamacare. Without tax credits to support the ACA’s inflated insurance costs, there may be some initial disarray for the roughly 234,000 Ohioans who have purchased subsidized health insurance through the federal exchange. (These are Ohioans who are not eligible for Medicaid, with incomes between 100 and 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.)

However, this federal spending will be blocked, and the clamor for repeal will be immediate if states refuse to establish exchanges. (This is because Americans would be threatened with experiencing the full effect of the cost increases imposed by Obamacare.)

Further, Ohio employers will be exempt from the damaging employer mandate.

According to 1851 Center Director Maurice Thompson, “Any state that creates an Obamacare exchange is ultimately voluntarily choosing to enforce Obamacare and its mandates and restrictions on freedom of choice, while simultaneously reducing the chance that Obamacare will repealed or rewritten.”

Thompson suggests that legal action would be appropriate to stop the exchange, should Governor Kasich move to establish one, and that the 1851 Center is prepared to take it.

Read the entire report: Does Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment Prohibit it from Imposing an Obamacare Exchange?

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